The Pima Association of Governments has started work on a 30-year plan for transportation in the county, and they have asked for input from citizens.

The 2045 Regional Transportation Plan will help determine how governments in Pima County plan roadway work for the next 30 years.

The Pima Association of Governments is asking for input from residents in developing the long-term plan through an online survey available until mid-March.

The survey is about 20 questions long, and involves questions about the expansion and maintenance of roads, bike and pedestrian paths, public transportation, and commercial traffic.

This plan is meant to look past the time when the tax that funds the Regional Transportation Authority comes off the books.

“The R.T.A. is set to expire in 2026," said Patrick Hartley, transportation planner at Pima Association of Governments. "So we need to think about the 20 years that will come after the R.T.A.”

Survey in English

Survey in Spanish