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For most filing, tax code from 2012 to 2013 has not had many changes, according to a spokesperson for the Internal Revenue Services.

Bill Brunson, IRS spokesman, said many people filing taxes will not see a lot of changes from 2012's tax code to 2013's.

“There’s very little difference for the average Joe,” Brunson said. "But if you’re in the upper-income bracket, you’re going to look at some items that aren’t going to be there once you exceed a certain dollar amount. So if you’re income is over $250,000 a year, there’s going to be some changes for those in that upper-income bracket.”

And for that top bracket, there are a handful of notable changes.

“There’s a new tax bracket,” he added. “Some of your deductible items will not be allowed, and there will be a phase out of a few other things. Plus there will be a tax on investment income.”

He did reiterate that those changes are only for those at the top of all earners.

“For the average Joe, it’s pretty much the same as it was last year," he said. "Get your records together, electronically file, hopefully, and get it done by April 15.”

The deadline to do taxes is April 15, and Arizona Public Media will be offering weekly tax tips from the IRS' Brunson until deadline to file.

Check back for more tax tips as the deadline to file draws closer. Next week, Brunson will cover the difference between e-filing and filing by mail.