Gov. Jan Brewer approved Tuesday an energy plan for Arizona, said a press release from the governor's office.

The plan, titled emPower Arizona, aims to identify best practices to increase solar energy development, education future energy professionals, positioning Arizona as a global leader in energy workforce, and also establishing an Energy Advisory Board to oversee and review such plan, the press release explained.

“The creation of emPOWER Arizona reflects a number of my core priorities as governor: strengthening our economy, protecting our environment, federalism and ensuring our long-term energy security,” Brewer said in her statement. “Equally important, it ensures our energy decisions are made in Arizona, by Arizonans and that energy remains affordable, reliable and untethered from federal overregulation. This is a significant step in the right direction.”

The plan was a collaboration between the governor's Office of Energy Policy, the Legislature, the Corporation Commission among other industry entities. It was developed by the Arizona Master Energy Task Force, which was appointed by Brewer in 2013.