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SOUTHWEST INDIAN ART FAIR: Jody Folwell is an internationally known clay artist from Santa Clara Pueblo. She is one of the featured artists of the Arizona State Museum's 21st annual Southwest Indian Art Fair. Folwell is often referred to as the matriarch of the avant-garde in Native American pottery.

TUCSON BELLY DANCE: Why is Tucson home to one of the United State's most influential belly dance scenes? A surprising number of teachers, dancers, and musicians have come together to form a vibrant piece of Southern Arizona's global culture. We'll talk with Kathryn Ferguson, a belly dance teacher for almost three decades, and one of her students about what this ancient art form has to offer contemporary practitioners.

MARIA'S CIRCULAR DANCE: Borderlands Theater production Maria's Circular Dance deals with "dreams and reality, terror and courage." The protagonist is played by Mexican actress Carmen Garcia. She describes how her character dramatizes the plight of migrant that falls victim to a kidnapping scheme.

RODEO DAYS ART CELEBRATION: There is more to Tucson's rodeo days events than just cowboys and horses. Organizer of Rodeo Days Art celebration, which is on its fourth anniversary, shares her enthusiasm for the event.

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