Tucson is home to one of the United State's most influential belly dance scenes. Dancers, teachers and musicians from around the world come together to add a vibrant piece to Southern Arizona's culture.

Kathryn Ferguson founded Xanadu Dance Studio in 1974.

She said that while the diverse culture found in Tucson has helped to grow the scene, it's the music that reaches out to people and pulls them in.

"I think it's because it hits you inside. It's about music and it's about an authenticity about when you're dancing and working with the music," Ferguson said. "You are the sound. You don't tell a story, you are the sound."

Terra Myers-Tretbar has been a member of Xanadu Dance Studio since she was 15. She said that the music is exactly what had her hooked.

"I heard the music in my first classes and I couldn't get enough," Myers-Tretbar said. "I wanted to listen to it all the time. To be able to express that physically is beautiful.

Xanadu Dance Company will be hosting a workshop Sunday, Feb. 23, featuring guest artists Dahlena and Angelina.

Watch in-studio belly dancing performance.