Funding for a new county animal care facility could be on the ballot this November as part of a special bond election.

The Pima County Bond Advisory Committee is unanimously recommending the county supervisors hold a bond election this year to expand the animal care center in Tucson.

The committee said the $22 million project would replace parts of the center and add additional space for animals.

The county said crowding at the center poses a risk to the health of the animals.

Larry Hecker, chairman of the bond advisory committee, said the project is so important it can not wait years to go to voters.

“Clearly the committee saw the need there, the other committees that supported this saw the need, and I think it just demonstrates the heart and soul of this community," he said. "We choose to take care of our unwanted animals rather than feed them to the lions.”

The animal care center is attempting to reduce the number of animals it euthanizes, and encourage more adoptions. The policy has led to an increase in the number of animals adopted, but there are still more dogs than space at the center.

The bond advisory committee’s recommendation now goes to the Pima County Board of Supervisors, which will decide whether ask voters to borrow money for the project.