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Filing taxes online could save both the government and the taxpayer money, according to an Internal Revenue Service spokesperson.

The IRS has spent recent years encouraging people to file their taxes online instead of through the mail. And Bill Brunson, IRS spokesman, said there are a variety of good reasons to do so.

"There's a litany of good reasons you'd want to choose to electronically file...lets start with the basic one: it saves the federal government money, which in turn can save you tax dollars," he said. "It costs feds about $2.30 to process a paper return, and about 30 cents for an electronic return."

Online filing also allows for quicker electronic tax refunds, because it gets the tax papers to the government faster, and it lowers the chance for math errors dramatically, Brunson said.

“The error rate with a paper return is about 13.5 percent, where if you’re filing electronically to less than 0.5 percent, which lends itself to not getting one of those letters after filing season in the mailbox from the IRS," he explained.

The deadline to do taxes is April 15, and Arizona Public Media will be offering weekly tax tips from the IRS until deadline to file.

Check back for more tax tips as the deadline to file draws closer. Next week, Brunson will cover getting your taxes done by a professional, and how to choose someone to do your taxes.

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