A new book, "DeGrazia: The Man and the Myths," is the first comprehensive biography to be written about Arizona artist Ted DeGrazia.

In the beginning of the book, authors - James and Marilyn Johnson - said looking for information of DeGrazia, the man, was a "biographer's nightmare." And both explain it is because he was a very private person, who many times invented lies and myths in order to hide the real man behind the artist.

"He protected his privacy very vigorously," James said.

The pair got the idea for the biography after a visit to DeGrazia's gallery, DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun, where, after showing up two hours early to a performance, got to hear peculiar anecdotes about the artist, and then realizing there was no DeGrazia biography published, yet.

The book looks at DeGrazia's life since the early years until his death in 1982.