Arizona is home to many well-known and intriguing birds such as hummingbirds, cardinals and roadrunners, but the common raven can also be found here and Beth Surdut, winner of last year's Tucson Festival of Books Literary Award for Non-Fiction, is big fan.

Surdut is a New Mexico-based visual storyteller, who said the Corvus corax is an intelligent, playful and vocal bird.

She has observed and painted the bird and encourages others to pay more attention to this species, which can be found in much of the United States, including Arizona.

Surdut recently traveled to Tucson where she spoke to AZ Illustrated Nature about her work with ravens and other subjects. She also joined NPR 89.1 radio host Mark McLemore on Arizona Spotlight to discuss how she collects raven stories, including a visit from a Tucson resident and avid hiker with a raven story to tell...

Listen to a radio interview with Beth Surdut about the spiritual significance of ravens in art and mythology: