Local entrepreneurs have begun experimenting with new method to grow food.

People around the world are also paying closer attention to the food they consume, and many are finding that a good way of doing this is to grow their own. In Tucson, many are experimenting with aquaponics - a fish and plant combination - which can provide animal protein, as well as vegetables.

St├ęphane Herbert-Fort and Sean Herman are selling and installing aquaponics throughout Southern Arizona as part of their home-grown company in Tucson.

"It's catching, it's amazing the interest that is just exploding right now," Herbert-Fort said.

In addition, the business partners are also collaborating with 28-year old Brendan Woltman who is operating his own store in midtown Tucson.

The three said the interest in aquaponics is palpable in the community, and said novices can learn more about these systems by attending workshops or visiting installations.

The Tucson AquaPonics Project is an educational organization for those who want to learn more, and Maggie's Farm Aquaponics located northwest of Tucson is using these systems on a large scale.

Experts say there is evidence of aquaponics operations in ancient civilizations including among the Aztec populations and in China.