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The appeal of hiring a tax professional only increases as taxes become more complicated.

For those who can't afford the added cost of hiring someone to prepare a tax return, the federal government set up free tax services a few decades ago.

“Back in 1969, Congress mandated to the (Internal Revenue Service), ‘Hey guys, your system is too complicated. You need to help folks do their tax return,'" said Bill Brunson, IRS spokesperson.

"Out of that came two programs: VITA, Volunteer Individual Tax Assistance, and TCE, Tax Counseling for the Elderly. So you’ve got two groups in the community here in Tucson who are providing free tax assistance," he added.

Not everyone qualifies for free tax preparation services, but many in Tucson do.

"You have to have low-to-moderate income, under $58,000, be elderly, handicapped, or English is a second language,” Brunson explained.

For more information on VITA assistance in Tucson click here.

For more information on TCE assistance click here.

Check back for more tax tips as the deadline to file draws closer. Next week, Brunson will talk about how taxes are different for people who are classified as independent contractors by their employer.

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