Play the video above to see these stories on AZ Illustrated Arts for Thursday, March 13:

SONORAN GLASS SCHOOL: Founded in 2001, the Sonoran Glass School has the unique position of being the premier public access glass arts educational facility in the Southwest. They offer classes for people age 5 and up. 'We aim to increase our students' knowledge of glass as an arts medium, as well as to boost their confidence, creativity.."

ODYSSEY STORYTELLING TURNS 10: A conversation with the founding artist behind Odyssey Storytelling, a community-based project that provides a stage for people from all walks of life to share their own personal stories in front of an audience - live and unscripted.

PAPIER-MACHE SCULPTOR: Michael Cajero is a papier-mache sculptor. He wraps his skeletons of bendable aluminum wire with discarded wrapping paper, corrugated cardboard and other used paper products. He then paints or stains the form. Cajero's figures communicate so much angst, despair, drive, survival, isolation and a heavy emotion and Cajero can sculpt it.

VOICES ACROSS BORDERS: The Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry participates for the first time in the Tucson Festival of Books this weekend. They bring the new concept to promote Mexican and Latina/o authors, multilingual literacy and cross-culture dialogue.

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