Students at Pima Community College will see their tuition bills increase nearly 8 percent this fall, as the school looks for ways to fill revenue gaps caused by a drop off in state funding.

The school’s governing board approved a $5 per credit hour increase in a 4-1 vote Wednesday night, which accounts for a 7.6 percent hike from their current tuition.

Full-time, in-state students at Pima paid $1,965 for basic tuition this school year, their tuition bills will rise to $2,115 next school year, starting fall 2014.

Pima student Jessica Garcia attended the meeting and said she opposed the hike in tuition.

“That’s a big increase. I’m a student that pays out of pocket. I don’t receive any aid from the school or from the government," she said.

Aaron Dinius, the student representative at the board meeting, said student government supported the increase – with a caveat.

“The $5-increase is very acceptable in our eyes if the money is used for the things that we actually need, and that we can actually see the tangible evidence of where those funds are going," Dinius said.

Until now, Pima had the third lowest tuition rate of public colleges and universities in the state.