On this St. Patrick’s Day, 11 percent of Pima County residents claim Irish ancestry.

Irishman Hugo O’Conor is one of Tucson’s founders, having decided to build a military fort, which we now know as the presidio.

That means Tucson's Irish history dates back at least 238 years, to when the presidio was built and the city was established, but the heritage lives on locally.

Nationally, the median age of people of Irish descent is 39 years old, two years higher than the median of all U.S. residents.

In Pima County, the largest age group of those who say they are at least partly Irish are 55 to 64 years old, and 9.2 percent of Pima County residents of Irish descent do not have health insurance.

Overall, 18 percent of Pima County residents live below the poverty line, but among Irish descendants in Pima County, the poverty rate is about half that, at 9 percent.

The median family income in the county for those with Irish ancestry is about $62,000.