People may soon be able to use their smartphones to cast their votes, according to a study published in the February issues of the journal Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.

There are now a lot of ways to vote electronically with machines at polling places, but researchers have noticed issues with voting speed and accuracy, said Jason Katterhenry, Arizona Public Media technology contributor. But recently, a group created a smartphone app that would allow people to vote from their smartphone, if they are familiar with such technology, he added.

"People who own smartphones would be able to vote faster and more effectively," Katterhenry said.

Security concerns are valid since the voter would be entering information and transferring it over public Internet sites. And, if there are concerns about online shopping, then a hacker breaching into election information would be "a much bigger problem," he said.

But Katterhenry suggested security systems can be created to serve as a subsystem in a person's computer, so if a computer is hacked, there would be so many inscriptions the hacker wouldn't be able to get any of the voter's credentials.

Other research is also coming up with ways to fuse benefits of both paper and electronic voting, he explained.

"Where you vote on a piece of paper...and you scan just your (candidate) selections, then using some complex encryption, you can take your receipt from the voting booth and verify online if it was done properly, which is something you can't even do with other electronic systems today," Katterhenry said.