Play the video above to see these stories on AZ Illustrated Arts for Thursday, March 20:

LENS ON THE LAND: Lens On the Land is a collective art project designed to spark conversations around the proposed Rosemont Mine. Opinions differ on the project, and artists feel they can help in bringing the topic into focus.

FILMING IN AZ: A chat with author Lili DeBarbieri about her book Location Filming in Arizona: The Screen Legacy of the Grand Canyon State, which explores Arizona's sizable contribution to Hollywood productions that defined the legend of the Old West.

CHAMBERLAB: ChamberLab is "DIY classical music, garage chamber music, alt-classical, bi-brow, and trashical." The unique musical group has consistently grown over the past few years and appreciative audiences have multiplied, prompting the group to perform in increasingly large venues. This latest spring concert has brought them to The Rialto Theater, for their biggest performance to date.

A BOOK I LOVE: Arizona Public Media asked attendees to this year's Tucson Festival of Books to talk about their favorite books, in their individual way, in A Book I Love.

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