About 90 percent of people surveyed on Southern Arizona's military installations say they support their presence, according to figures from the Southern Arizona Defense Alliance.

The Southern Arizona Defense Alliance recently asked more than 600 people in Pima, Cochise, Santa Cruz, and Yuma counties their opinions on the area’s military bases.

No demographic group registered lower than a 65 percent approval rating, the survey showed.

Concerns over aircraft noise were low, with less than 20 percent of survey takers saying the sound is disruptive.

Respondents also said they acknowledge the economic boost installations offer to the region, and the role they play in national security.

The survey also asked respondents about the Air Force’s new F-35 program, which may be located in Southern Arizona, and it found strong awareness and support for the F-35 in the region, with only a slight drop in support from those living near airports, where the fighter jet would take off and land.

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