Pima County has met just over half of the goals outlined in its Sustainable Action Plan for County Operations, according to a recent report from the Office of Sustainability and Conservation.

The county's Board of Supervisors adopted the five-year sustainability plan in 2008.

Goals included swapping gas-guzzling cars with alternative fuel vehicles, favoring eco-friendly products in procurement, reducing waste and water consumption, and limiting the county’s carbon footprint.

Linda Mayro, director of the Office of Sustainability and Conservation, said even meeting 50 percent of its goals was an achievement.

“Overall you know we’ll probably never meet 100 percent of our goals, because I think we want to set our targets higher every years," she said. "But that said, we are so far ahead of where we were when we started the program.”

Pima County has saved more than $7.2 million in energy costs since 2008, primarily as a result of installing solar panels at several county facilities and adopting new energy use guidelines, according to the report.

The county did best in land conservation and management – meeting 90 percent of its goals, and it underperformed in water conservation – with 29 percent of goals achieved.

Mayro said her office is preparing the next five-year sustainability plan, which will be presented to the board of supervisors by June.