Gov. Jan Brewer established a human trafficking council, which will continue to explore ways to reduce trafficking in Arizona, said a press release from the governor's office.

The Arizona Human Trafficking Council aims to develop a comprehensive and coordinated victims's plan, evaluate and report human trafficking statewide data to the governor, and promote greater collaboration with state law enforcement and agencies, the press release said.

"Human trafficking is a despicable crime affecting some of our most vulnerable citizens and, as a border state facing international and inter-state ports of entry, Arizona is particularly exposed to its harmful effects," she said in the press release. "This council, comprised of Arizona's leading experts in human trafficking and public safety, will be a significant next step in our critical mission."

The council will build upon research done by the Task Force on Human Trafficking, the press release explained. The task force was created in 2013, and since then has interviewed issue experts to come up with recommendations to deal with trafficking in the state - from creating tougher trafficking laws to increasing protection for victims.

Brewer has also been working with state lawmakers to strengthen already established state trafficking laws.

"We also must enhance federal, state and local coordination to address and eliminate this atrocity once and for all," Brewer said in her statement.

Cindy McCain, wife of U.S. Sen. John McCain, is a co-chairperson in the council, along with Gil Orrantia, current director of the Arizona Department of Homeland Security.

Human trafficking was one of Brewer's key priorities for her last term, as highlighted in her 2014 State of the State address earlier in the year, the press release said.