The percentage of people without jobs in Arizona dropped 0.2 percent from January to February to a seasonally adjusted rate of 7.3 percent, according to figures from the state's Department of Administration.

Unemployment rate in December was 7.6 percent.

And while past unemployment rate drops did not happen for positive reasons, this time the change was a positive economic indicator.

That's because both numbers used to calculate the indicator, total workforce and number of people holding jobs, moved in a positive direction. Workforce went up by a small amount - 1,882 people - while the number of employed Arizonans went up more notably to 8,198 people.

“I think all the trends as to why the unemployment rate dropped is actually good," said Aruna Murthy, director of economic analysis for the Arizona Department of Administration. "Our labor force increased, and the employed increased, and our unemployed declined.”

While the numbers show moderate improvement, they are not rebounding at a fast enough rate to indicate the state has recovered from the recession.

“If you look at the over-the-year numbers, it’s still 1.9 percent," Murthy said. "In order to say things are really climbing, I would see constant, month-after-month growth. Here we are finding it flattening around the 2% line. Maybe that’s the new norm.”

Murthy also pointed to growth in the trade, transportation and utilities sectors as significant, though its fastest growing industry, motor vehicle part production, did slow down, as its hiring rate dropped to 3.6 percent after months of being above 4.4 percent.