Tusayan, Ariz. may soon disappear from maps.

The town of about 5,000 people - not to be confused with Tucson, though it often is - sits just outside the southern rim of the Grand Canyon. And not surprisingly, most of its businesses cater to visitors to the national park.

Mayor Greg Bryan, who is also the general manager of the local Best Western, said a movement to change the town’s name has picked up steam.

“There’s a lot of confusion of Tusayan and Tucson across the state. Lots of folks get confused. When you say you’re from Tusayan no one knows where you are. Even people in flagstaff, many of them have never heard of it," he said.

Options being considered include, “Grand Canyon South” or “the town of Grand Canyon.”

“We’re here as a town, we exist because of the Grand Canyon," Bryan said. "And, from a marketing point of view, it makes sense to make it as easy as possible for your costumer to identify what your product is, where you are..."

Town residents will be able to weigh in on the name change during a meeting in April.