Arizona is world-famous for the Grand Canyon and many other natural, scientific and cultural attractions, such as its Native American past, and visitors can learn much more about these and other topics under one roof.

The Arizona Museum of Natural History was founded in the 1970s in Mesa, Ariz., and has had more than a million visitors since the year 2000.

The museum has tens of thousands of objects and photographs, and many of its fans include school children, such as Joselina Lynch who spoke to AZ Illustrated Nature during a visit with her aunt, Karen School.

"My aunt took me for the first time and so far I love it," Lynch said.

"I like the rocks, and how they were all formed a long time ago and also the fossils. They were really amazing," she added.

The museum is owned and operated by the city of Mesa, and much of it is housed in a 1937 building that used to be home to several of the municipality's departments.