A recent report finds Arizona’s children are at a higher risk of living in poverty, and a major cause of that is lack of education.

Researchers at The Annie E. Casey Foundation scored the well-being of children belonging to five different ethnic groups in each state.

Most of Arizona’s numbers held true to the national averages.

Scores in the report were based on a scale from 1 (lowest) to 1000 (highest).

White and Asian American children were notably better than African American, Latino and American Indian children.

White children's well-being got a score of 677, Asian children's got the highest with 744. African American children's well-being got 401, Latino children's got 356 and American Indian children's received a 282.

However, in Arizona, all of the groups, except African American children, fell below the national average.

“Not any one particular race or ethnic group does really well compared to the other states," said Joshua Oehler, research associate at the Children's Action Alliance Arizona. "I think that was the thing that was most striking to me; none of the race or ethnic groups do well.”