The Employers Health Alliance of Arizona is working with six Tucson-area employers to improve the health of thousands of employees.

The alliance plans to use data and measurements of employee health to verify whether it's meeting its goals, which could lead to reduced health care costs for the employer and the employee, said Larry Aldrich, chairman of the alliance.

"It's ultimately about better health, better health care," Aldrich said. Though the alliance is working solely with employers in Tucson, such as Pima County and Tucson Medical Center, he said the group will expand to Phoenix.

In the past year, the organization has been working with a grant, to develop a program called the employee wellness work group to promote increased physical activity for workers, said Emily Coyle, director of the alliance.

While employees do not need to get their physical activity at work, Coyle said three 10-minute walks a day would meet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for moderate exercise. That could be something an employee could accomplish during breaks at work, rather than having to schedule time for exercise.

One of the goals, she said, is improving access to health care and healthy lifestyle resources.

"There's no magic pill here no magic bullet, it's hard work but we try to understand the barriers," for people, Aldrich said.