The Arizona Supreme Court explained Wednesday decision to rule for higher campaign contributions limit.

The justices on Arizona’s highest court ruled in December 2013 that an increase in campaign contributions is allowable under the provisions of a 1998 law passed by Arizona voters.

The law was approved by voters in conjunction with the Clean Elections limits. At issue was whether or not it set strict contribution limits or set up a formula.

The 3-2 decision determines that the law sets up a formula, which can be adjusted by the state Legislature.

The majority of Arizona’s Supreme Court justices reasoned, “had voters intended to fix static contributions they could have easily and clearly done so.”

The opinion went on to say that specific campaign spending limits can be found in other sections of voter approved law in Arizona.

The chief justice and vice chief justice dissented in the opinion. They wrote they believe it “strains belief” to think voters wanted a formula and not limits based on finance caps passed by the legislature in 1997, the year before Arizonans approved the ballot measure.

The Arizona court’s ruling came the same day as the U.S. Supreme Court made a major campaign finance ruling as well.

Read the AZ Supreme Court Campaign Finance Ruling: View at Google Docs | Download File