The Arizona Board of Regents Thursday approved a 2 percent tuition increase for in-state students and a 5 percent increase for out-of-state students for the University of Arizona.

But incoming freshmen will no longer see the costs of their education fluctuate each year, as regents put their rubber stamp on the university’s plan to stabilize tuition rates.

In-state undergraduate tuition and mandatory fees for the UA's main campus will climb $190 to nearly $10,600 next year. For non-Arizona residents, tuition and fees will total more than $28,000.

Chloe Rascon, who is wrapping up her freshman year at the UA, said she is disappointed by the increase.

“Even though it seems like a small amount it’s going to affect incredible amount," she said. "Because $200 might not seem like a lot, but later when we’re paying that off that’ll be like another month of paying that off.”

Regents also adopted a guaranteed tuition plan.

The new tuition framework also means incoming freshmen students will pay higher rates next year than returning students. But those rates will be frozen for four years.

Regent Ram Krishna voted for the UA's guaranteed tuition plan.

“The advantage of this is you can justify what you can pay and you’ll know for sure what you’re going to pay for the next four years," Krishna said. "It’s a retention program for students as well.”

The board also set tuition rates at Northern Arizona University and Arizona State University.