The state Senate has given final approval to a bill allowing surprise inspections of abortion clinics without a search warrant.

HB 2284 passed with a 17-13 vote, and will now go to Gov. Jan Brewer to approve or veto.

The chamber had given initial approval via a voice vote earlier Wednesday.

Litigation is likely if the bill eventually becomes a law because the warrant requirement is part of a 2010 lawsuit settlement.

Majority Republicans say the proposal is needed to ensure that abortion clinics can be inspected without delays that come from needing to obtain a search warrant.

Democrats argued removing the warrant requirement that has been in place for years as part of a lawsuit settlement would open clinics to harassment by unfriendly regulators. It also could open the state to even more lawsuits over its abortion rules.

They also say it is unnecessary, with only one warrant issued in the past four years.