The proposed Interstate 11 is not in the Arizona Department of Transportation's five or 10-year plan.

The Arizona Transportation Board met in Marana at a meeting where Southern Arizona officials turned out to voice their thoughts on the I-10 corridor.

The plan to connect Nogales and Las Vegas via Phoenix and Tucson received a warm welcome from those thinking about commerce in the area.

But I-11 did not make an appearance on either the 5-year or 10-year plan presented by ADOT at the meeting.

That's because the project is still too tenuous to include in the tentative plans.

“The ten-year plan would be a place that we would identify something like this if we had funding identified," said Michael Kies, the I-11 study project manager. "The issue right now is we don’t have any funding identified for the project. In fact, we don’t even have funding for the next step.”

The next step is an environmental impact study, which would cost an estimated $60 million, Kies said.

Funding that study could be problematic since the tentative five-year plan calls for spending only about 11 percent of ADOT’s budget for preparing new roads.

The other 89 percent will go towards maintenance and improvements on existing infrastructure.