The Jewish holy week of Passover begins Monday night.

"It's a holiday to celebrate freedom, and the freedom that came when the Jews escaped Egypt, and made their way through the desert and into the Promised Land," said Stuart Mellan, president of the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona

One of the important traditions in Passover is the Seder, which is a meal held on the first nights that tells the story of Passover.

Mellan said the Seder tradition is changing in the Jewish faith.

"I spoke with one of the community rabbis, who told me even though traditionally there are two Seder nights...that he will be conduction seven different Seder experiences," he said.

Included in those changing traditions is the Freedom Seder, which are events meant to show Jewish sympathies toward groups they see as currently struggling for freedom.

Information about various Passover events, as well as the two Freedom Seders being held in Tucson is available here.