As of late, the Tucson Museum of Art has been working on different ways to involve the community and get them to interact with art.

The museum's director of marketing and public relations, Michael Fenlason, said their new program, The Arts Speak, provides a means for artists and art organizations to come to the museum and create art that speak out on issues they care about.

"We really feel like arts have always been a way for the under-represented to really get represented," Fenlason said.

The Arts Speak is also a part of the START program. START's goal is to get people to come down to the museum no just to see art, but to make it.

Graham Thompson, an intern at the museum, said another one of their goals is to bridge the gap between the older and younger generations of the museum's customers.

He said that most of their patrons are either 65 and older or of high school age and younger.

"I think that the museum, just like art, should be like a phoenix rising from its ashes," Thompson said. "I think that being open to change is important and being able to bring in young folks is important."