Formed in 2002, the Soweto Gospel Choir's music offers a mix of the traditions of both Christian colonial and South African indigenous religions.

Praise Zenenga, University of Arizona Africana Studies associate professor, said that the mixing of these different cultures originates from missionary schools in South Africa.

"The idea of the choir itself is a colonial thing," Zenenga said. "A lot of Africans were attracted to this Christian religion because it encouraged them to bring their own traditional drums and incorporate a little of their own moderate traditional dances into their religions."

Mookho Eliza Mokhesi, a global studies major at the UA, said she grew up listening to this type of music.

"It was an intricate part of our everyday lives," Mokhesi said. "Now, especially that I'm away from home, I have situations where I find myself missing home, missing my family. Or, when I'm in a tough situation, I usually just sit down with my headphones and I have my gospel music in my ear, and it just brings me peace and I feel like I'm back at home again."

The Soweto Gospel Choir will be performing Friday, April 18 at the Centennial Hall. For more information such as ticket prices and show times, visit