The weather for this upcoming summer is hard to predict, based on the indicators available so far, leading forecasters to say there is an equal chance for more rain, less rain and normal rain.

“Signals are not really great,” said Ken Drozd, warning coordination meteorologist in Tucson.

The National Weather Service uses El Nino as a measurement to help predict the summer weather. This form of measurement depends on whether the temperature is significantly above or below the temperature of the equatorial Pacific Ocean.

“We are currently in neutral conditions,” Drozd said.

This year, there were only two notable precipitation events: one during El Tour de Tucson in November, and in the beginning of March, he said.

Tucson experienced an exceptionally dry winter and spring season, Drozd said. This may lead to above than normal temperatures because drier ground will heat up more rapidly, he said.

“We are confident that it is not going to be cooler than normal,” Drozd said. “It is either going to stay in a neutral condition or warm slightly.”