A recent Grand Canyon Institute study shows Gov. Jan Brewer’s stop on new regulations has had no negative or positive effect on the economy or job growth.

When Brewer took office in 2009, she put a moratorium on new regulations. She set these restrictions “under the presumptions that rules are suppressors or prohibitors of economic growth," said George Cunningham, chairman of the Grand Canyon Institute.

Regulations are government rules for public and private industries to ensure public health and safety.

"They provide a set of guidelines that help us to keep our air and water clean, they help us to keep our food and drugs safe and they help us ensure there's a workplace that's free of crippling injuries," Cunningham said.

The institute conducted a study to test the outcome of the regulations and the subsequent ban, with the goal to find out whether a lack of new regulations helped create jobs, and whether regulations stifled job creation before the ban.

This report looked at studies conducted by other universities and found no significant impact, Cunningham said.

“The result is there is no evidence to support the fact that the moratorium imposed actually created jobs, nor that if it had not been imposed...less jobs would have been created,” he said.

The report proposes three recommendations: the moratorium should be ended; more transparency should be added to the regulation review process; and opportunities for public input on proposed regulations should be expanded.

“We're hoping the report will result in maybe an ending to the moratorium and enhanced citizen engaged program,” Cunningham said.