With Voices at an Exhibition, The Arizona Repertory Singers are helping to blend two disparate kinds of art into a unified whole.

The famous symphony Pictures at an Exhibition by composer Mussorgsky served as inspiration, said Dr. Jeffry Jahn, Arizona Repertory Singers Musical Director Jeffry Jahn.

"It is a classical piece in which [Mussorgsky] depicted music from an exhibition of art work, so each art piece would obviously have some musical connotation to it," he said.

Voices at an Exhibition is a project that selected paintings from four local artists, then commissioned composers to create music inspired by the art.

About 45 singers will be involved with the live performance.

"It is an opportunity for us to sing music that has never been heard before," Jahn said. "The group has gotten the opportunity to work on these four separate compositions since January. The audiences have never heard this music...so there is this mystery...expectations of what (the) music (is) going to sound like."

While the choral group performs, the art work for each song will be projected on a screen.