Out of all the chapters in Dante's Divine Comedy, The Inferno is the most well known. Tucson's Rogue Theater is staging the second chapter, Purgatorio.

Playwright Patrick Baliani said that Purgatorio relates the most to modern day.

"Purgatorio occupies a special place because it's the most lifelike realm of Dante's poem." Baliani said. "It's similar to our lives here. We're in between existences. Something came before us, something is coming after us. All we know is what we have and we have to make the most of it."

Director Joseph McGrath said that out of Dante's epic poems, it is Purgatorio that has the most direction.

"In purgatory, time passes and people are headed somewhere," McGrath said. "It has a direction, it has an arrow to it which is really active."

Dante's Purgatorio runs Thursdays through Sundays until May 11. For more information, visit The Rouge Theater online..