Tucson's only community performance arts space dedicated to highlighting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender artists announces it's closing its doors by June.

Fluxx Studio and Gallery's Executive Director Dante Celeiro said in a statement the studio cannot afford monthly costs anymore.

"It costs $4,000 to $5,000 a month to keep the doors of Fluxx open and functioning," he said in the statement. "The summer is upon us and most local Tucsonans know this time of year can be very slow and bills tend to increase...Our reserves are gone and without consistent monthly donations and use of the space, we are unable to keep up."

Fluxx opened its doors about four years ago. Those involved proudly described the space as a "place where you can be yourself no matter your identity."

The studio hosted everything from dance classes to art exhibits geared toward highlight the LGBT community, but it also encouraged all community members to attend events and build bonds.

People could also rent the space to host private events.

Fluxx was strongly involved with Odyssey Storytelling,Transgender Awareness Week, World AIDS Day and the LGBTQ International Film Festival.

They plan to host a closure fundraising party to help pay for their final bills, the statement said. A date has not been announced.

"This last year has been very challenging on many levels," Celeiro said in the statement.

Fluxx is also asking for last minute donations, hoping to stay open longer.

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