A three-judge panel of federal judges has upheld Arizona's state legislative district maps, after finding that the state's redistricting commission legally drew them when they put more voters in some districts.

Eleven Republican voters sued the commission in 2012. They argued in a March 2013 trial that the commission shifted GOP voters from some districts to make them more likely to elect Democratic state lawmakers.

In their ruling, the judges wrote that the the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission did not violate the one-person, one-vote principal of the Constitution's equal protection clause when they overloaded some districts. The judges concluded that the commission made a "good faith effort" to comply with Article 5 of the Voting Rights Act. Specifically, the provisions allowing minorities to elect candidates of their choice.

The ruling is the second the commission has won on the issue.

This year's legislative elections mark the second time Arizona voters will cast ballots in districts drawn by the Independent Redistricting Commission.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

Read the Redistricting Ruling: View at Google Docs | Download File