Print making is a complex process with a variety of techniques.

This weekend, the University of Arizona's Wildcat Print Association is hosting an exhibition called "Erasures and Echoes."

Abby Felber and Katie Killian Stokes, fine arts graduate students at the UA, are some of the students who have been working with visiting artists to mass produce prints.

Stokes said that the legacy of the Wildcat Print Association has helped give them the opportunity to work alongside well known artists.

"It means so much just knowing that it's an established organization that has a reputation around. We can bring artists that know about us and know about the organization," Stokes said. "It means a lot."

Felber said working with these master artists has taught her a lot.

"It's been wonderful, being able to bring in visiting artists and getting to see other techniques that we haven't learned in the school," Felber said.

Erasures and Echoes will be held at the School of Art Graduate Gallery May 2 to 3. For more information call 621-7570.