An instrument the size of a "57 Rank" pipe organ can take weeks to tune properly. For the 56-year-old organ at the Catalina Methodist Church, tuning wasn't the only thing it needed. The instrument was refurbished and rebuilt from the ground up.

"The organ sets the tone, and gives voice to the word when we have no words," Catalina Methodist's Principal Organist Dennis Grannan said.

Christopher Soer, general manager for Quimby Pipe Organs in Warrensburg, Missouri, has been overseeing the project of installing and tuning the new instrument.

"There's a pipe for every key on the keyboard" Soer said. "That ranges from 16-foot-long pipes all the way down to pipes that maybe an eighth of an inch long."

The Catalina Methodist Church will be hosting a the Dedicatory Concert for the new pipe organ on Friday, May 2nd, featuring guest organist Ken Cowan.

The Catalina Organ Festival will host a series of musical events throughout 2014.