Tucson came up just shy of defending its title of top water-saving city in the Wyland Foundation's Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation.

Tucsonans pledged to save 66 million gallons of water on the foundation's website, good enough for second place behind Corpus Christi, TX in cities between 300,000-599,000 in population.

The competition is a chance to remind people how much small changes in water saving can make.

“People often point out to me, 'you know, if I’m at home and I have a dripping faucet, fixing that is really not going to make a difference,'" said Tucson Water's Fernando Molina. "But I have to remind people that it’s not just your faucet, it’s your neighbor’s faucet, it’s your whole neighborhood’s faucets, and all the faucets in your part of town and once you look at all those drips, they add up to a lot.”

A recent report from the city of Tucson shows the average Tucsonan goes through about 40,000 gallons of water a year.

That means the pledged savings from the campaign is the equivalent to the amount of water 1,600 Tucsonans would use in a year.