UA film students get to showcase their work at two events next week.

The Magic Hour will present short fiction films from juniors at the UA's School of Theatre, Film and Television, and I Dream in Widescreen will be a collection of thesis films created by graduate students and seniors at the school.

"Ever since middle school, when I started taking (film) in class, and I have just fell in love with the storytelling process, working with actors, working with the camera and editing, I love it all," said Chelsea Rayburn, a junior at the School of Theatre, Film and Television.

Her film will be screened at the Magic Hour. She said it'll be a tribute to romantic comedies, while also poking fun at the genre, and the cliches she's noticed in such movies.

Rayburn also admired some of her colleagues' work.

"Two of my favorites are, one: The Lady in Blue, which is a period piece that has supernatural elements to it, and the other one is called Breaking Up, which is a comedy."

Christopher Cegielski, whose film will be presented at I Dream in Widescreen, said he collaborated with his father in this one.

He also recommended some films...

"One is This is Home and it is about two older guys who live with each other, and one of them has Alzheimer's...and then another is called The Graduation, and it is where a medical student living in Mexico has a run in with the federales."

The Magic Hour will take place Wednesday, May 14 at The Loft Cinema at 7 p.m.

I Dream of Widescreen will take place at the Fox Tucson Theatre on Sunday, May 18 at 3 p.m.