Guitarist Domingo DeGrazia & violinist Beth Daunis create music that is distinctly Southwestern, even as they embrace influences from around the world.

As the youngest son of the acclaimed artist Ted DeGrazia, Domino DeGrazia grew up being encouraged to explore his creative gifts. His passion for Spanish guitar remains a driving force in his life, even as he balances music with a career in law and an extensive list of hobbies that includes race car driving and skydiving.

Beth Daunis found herself drawn to music, and the violin, at an early age. She now credits DeGrazia with helping her to re-connect with music after she had given it up for personal reasons. A chance jam session at a Tucson restaurant led the duo to discover that, despite different upbringings and musical approach, they had much in common.

Domingo DeGrazia's latest CD release is called Nuance Spanish Guitar.

Watch their in-studio performance: