A national association that provides resources and planning advice for people 50 years and older is launching a tool to help people avoid fraud and scams.

The American Association of Retired People, known as AARP, said every day millions of people are victims of identity theft, investment fraud and other scams.

David Parra, director of community outreach at AARP, said older Americans are defrauded out of about $3 billion each year.

AARP Arizona is launching a program called Fraud Watch Network to give people resources to identify and avoid fraud. Parra said awareness can help save people money.

"We also have a map on this website, and people are able to click on their state and they will get information on common frauds and scams in their state," he explained.

Parra said the goal is to keep people updated so they stay alert.

Although AARP is running the network, he said the resource is for people of all ages.

More information can be found on AARP's, or call 1-877-908-3360.