Rick Wamer is an artist who tells stories using movement and expression instead of words.

Pantomime has played an important – but usually silent role – in many theatrical traditions. Today, many performers are drawing on those centuries of artistic development while exploring how mime can be transformed.

Influenced by his love early television comedians like Danny Kaye and Jackie Gleason, Wamer found inspiration in the American tradition of Vaudeville theater, the anything-goes style of live variety entertainment that flourished in the early 20th century.

In addition to teaching and performing solo, Wamer has embarked on a new artistic collaboration with composer & musician Enrique Feldman. The result is called The Inner Journey, with performances at the University of Arizona's Stevie Eller Dance Theatre May 23th - 25th, 2014.

Rick Waner demonstrates his approach to incorporating sound with mime performance in an excerpt called Schtick: