New estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau show Arizona's population grew since 2010.

Since that year, the state has 234,607 more people, passing Indiana for 15th largest state in the U.S.

Arizona is now home to 6,626,624 people.

From 2010-13, Tucson grew by about 0.4 percent, making it the 53rd largest major metropolitan area in the country. Estimates showed 996,554 people live in the greater Tucson area.

Phoenix is now the 12th largest major metropolitan market in the country. The state’s largest city has nearly 4.4 million people.

While most cities and towns in Arizona either grew or saw a negligible drop since 2010, two did shrink: Sierra Vista's population by 1.6 percent and Nogales' by 1 percent.

The state also ranks 14th for most housing units. Those figures went up by 1.6 percent for the last census to more than 2.89 million houses.