June 20, 2008 edition of Arizona Spotlight, with host Mark McLemore.

Claudine LoMonaco brings us the story of some teenage refugees, re-settled in Tucson, who created a photo project about their experience and went to Washington, DC to speak out on behalf of refugees around the world.

Native Tucsonan David Baker recently traveled the length of the Arizona Trail, hiking from one side of our state to the other. He'll reflect on that experience in a conversation with Mark McLemore.

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Tony Paniagua takes a look at the bottled water industry, and the impact it is having on both the economy and the environment.

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University of Arizona Campus Sustainability

Christopher Conover interviews Barry Goldwater, Jr. about the political legacy of his father, and his new book "Pure Goldwater".

Listen to June 13 Edition - Latinos and the economy, downtown revitalization, germs