A decision from Coronado National Forest on the proposed Rosemont Copper mine will face further delays.

Forest officials say they are asking the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service scientists to update its written opinion on the effects a mine would have on wildlife in the Santa Rita Mountains.

Forest officials stated that it's hard to know how long this process will delay any decision on Rosemont.

“It’s not going to be weeks, but certainly not year," said Coronado National Forest Manager Jim Upchurch. "In between somewhere is where we’ll be at. Until we get into the discussions, it’s hard to put a time frame on it.”

Coronado's announcement comes on the heels of two Fish and Wildlife photographs of an ocelot in the Santa Ritas.

Upchurch said photos confirmed the large cat would not be the only endangered species in the area for very long.

The Mexican garter snake and the yellow-billed cuckoo are due to be added to the endangered species list in the near future.