Oracle State Park in the town of Oracle could get recognition for preserving "dark skies."

Members of the Oracle Dark Skies Committee said they believe the park meets the requirements to be named a dark sky park by the International Dark Skies Association.

The park would be the first in Arizona to receive the recognition.

According to the committee, the amount of light in the Oracle area is low enough to receive a silver rating, but with a little help from nearby residents and businesses that can be improved.

“We are asking the residents and businesses in this area to help us go for the gold," said Oracle Dark Skies Committee Chair Mike Weasner. "We’re reaching out and asking if you have unshielded night-time lighting, if you have lighting that’s too bright, if it’s aimed upwards or horizontally, please shield those lights or turn them off when they’re not needed.”

Dark Sky Places Program Manager John Barentine said Oracle State Park would be unusually close to a major city for a dark sky park.

He attributed climate conditions, and the park's proximity to the Santa Catalina Mountains as a reason the area doesn't receive much light pollution from the Tucson area.