People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, has named Tucson’s Le Cave's Bakery one of the top six vegan donut shops in the country.

Le Cave's, located on south Sixth Avenue, has been baking vegan donuts since 1935.

Tiffany Molina, the bakery’s sales manager, said the recipe hasn’t changed much in the past eight decades.

While standard donut ingredients include the very non-vegan trifecta of eggs, milk, and butter, Le Cave's are baked with vegetable oil, vegetable shortening and potato flour.

Molina said she was pleased to hear about PETA’s list. And, in the past, this sort of national attention has attracted donut tourists.

“It’s funny cause a lot of people travel around and want to try the different donut shops in every state so we’ve had a lot of people come in here for that reason alone,” she said.

Merrilee Burke from PETA said Le Cave's held its own against stiff national competition to make the list, though she didn't know how many vegan donut shops there are in the U.S.

Molina said the owners have long considered opening more branches around Tucson, but expansion plans aren’t yet fully baked.