A report from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs shows that 99 percent of patients at Tucson’s Veterans Affairs hospital get an appointment within 30 days.

Information released by the VA established patients have a shorter wait time at the Tucson facility than new patients.

Established mental health patients at the Tucson VA receive appointments in an average of 16 days while new patients must wait 60 days. When it comes to specialty care, established patients wait an average of 4.72 days for an appointment, while new patients wait nearly 90 days.

Patients wanting to see a primary care physician at the Tucson VA wait a little more than a day if they are returning patients but new primary care patients wait about 35 days.

Tucson’s VA facility scheduled more than 49,000 appointments.

Other Arizona facilities reviewed by the VA did not fair so well. Patients in Phoenix were waiting an average of 55 days for an appointment and in Prescott patients were waiting 60 days.

Read the VA report on Arizona wait times: View at Google Docs | Download File